Essential Beauty Supplies Cream Remover melts aways the extensions from the natural lash like butter !! Its consistency easily dissolves the adhesive without causing any discomfort to your clients or the risk of the product seaping into the eyes.


For professional use by certified eyelash technicians only. Instructions for proper use:

  • Remover should be applied to lashes only and should not touch skin at any time.
  • Client’s eyes should remain completely closed through entire application.
  • Apply eye pads or foam tape, Using a micro applicator or lash prep wands apply the remover sparingly to the base of the lash line where the adhesive connects the natural lash and extension. Leave for 3 - 5 mins. Use a micro applicator or lip wand and gently brush the lashes away from the waterline. Once all lashes are removed use our lash shampoo to remove any remaining product to ensure retention isnt effected. 


Storage Instructions: before opening store the remover in a cool dry place. Once opened the remover may be open for 6months but depending on room conditions may need to be replaced earlier. Please consider the safety of your clients and always follow instructions and safety precautions.


Caution: Removers should not come into contact with the skin or inside the eye, flush immediately with warm water. Keep out of reach of children and please seek medical help if ingested


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